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Specialized Cleaners and How They Prolong the Life of Your Grout

Specialized Cleaners and How They Prolong the Life of Your Grout

What About The Products I’m Currently Using?

Everyday household products are great for cleaning a lot of different things in your home, from stainless steel surfaces and glass to hardwood floors and furniture. You’re probably used to using certain, well-known brand products that help keep your kitchen, bathroom and entire home smelling fresh and looking clean. Unfortunately, most if not all of these cleaners cannot thoroughly clean the grout on all your tiled surfaces. Grout lines accumulate dirt and stains just like everything else in your home. Actually, grout probably gets even dirtier since it’s porous and easily absorbs anything it comes in contact with, like dirty mop water. You can use regular household cleaners and your grout will never show signs of improvement. Not to mention, many household cleaners are harsh on the grout due to their abrasiveness and composition. The chemicals a product has in it can really make a difference when it comes to cleaning grout, since different surfaces require different cleaning methods and products.

Proper care and maintenance of your grout can be achieved by using grout cleaners and sealers specifically developed for that application by a company like Groutsmith. Our Routine Clean Gold no rinse formula cleaner is pH-neutral and designed to be safe for all your ceramic and porcelain tile, marble, granite and natural stone surfaces. Groutsmith cleaners help grout lines look renewed and clean.

The Problem With Other Cleansers

Below are some ingredients that are found in most common cleaners that can hurt your grout and tile.

  • Bleach – Bleach doesn’t clean anything since it has no cleaning agents in it. Many bleaches contain sodium hypochlorite, which can disintegrate concrete, the main component of most grout.  Your surface may smell clean, but the dirt and stains are still there.
  • Ammonia – Ammonia can damage the finish of grout and tile, and is caustic.
  • Vinegar and Acidic Cleaners – The acid in vinegar will get rid of the finish and shine on your grout and tile and potentially discolor them.

What Groutsmith Has to Offer

Groutsmith also has a Super Clean Green detergent and mild alkaline blend formula designed for shower cleaning and periodic deep cleaning of floors and counters; lifting stains and dirt from the pores in the grout. Don’t waste your money or time cleaning with products that are ultimately destroying your grout, and not properly cleaning it. Groutsmith sells cleaners in 2 different sizes to accommodate any size job.

To learn more about these easy to use grout and tile cleaning products, click our contact us page or call us with any questions 208-967-0101.


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