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5 Tips: How to Keep Your Ceramic Tile Countertops Looking Like New

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How to Keep Your Countertops Looking Their Best

With the nearly unlimited color and pattern options available to homeowners, ceramic tile countertops can add a distinct and beautiful look to your kitchen or bathroom. To keep your new tile countertops looking their best, you’ll need to put in a little extra effort when cleaning them. Here are some tile care tips to help you properly clean and maintain your countertops so they keep looking like new for years to come.

1. Remove Dirt on a Daily Basis

Not only do dirt, germs and other stains detract from the look of your kitchen countertops, but they can also be unsanitary. Properly cleaning your ceramic tile and grout is a process and you start by wiping off your countertops with a non-abrasive, commercial tile cleaning solution. Avoid using acid-based cleaning products, or brightly colored cleansers that may discolor your grout. To be safe we recommend you use Groutsmith’s specially formulated cleaning solutions. To remove the stains and grime from your grout, use a toothbrush or small scrubbing brush that fits in the lines. You do not want to use the brush on your tile, since it may scratch the surface.

2. Is Sealing Your Tile Necessary?

Is your ceramic tile is glazed? If so, then there’s no need to seal it. In order to make an unglazed ceramic tile resistant to stains, you will need to seal it or have it sealed by a professional.

3. Keep Your Surfaces Germ Free

The last step in the cleaning process is creating a clean and germ free surface. This can be done by rinsing your countertops with hot water. This will make your ceramic tile countertops in the kitchen food safe and help eliminate germs in the bathroom.

4. Dry Thoroughly

It’s never a good idea to let any liquid, even water, stand for too long on your ceramic tiles. Doing so can potentially fade darker colored grouts or stain some lighter colors. Moisture of any kind can create ideal conditions for the growth of mildew or mold. After washing or if you spill any liquid, immediately dry your grout and tile thoroughly.

5. Damaged Tile or Grout? Hire a Professional

Over time grout lines can fade or discolor if not properly cared for and dropping things on your ceramic tile countertops can cause cracks or chips. If your countertops become damaged or you need professional grout and tile repair services, work with best at Groutsmith Northwest. Contact us today or call us at (208) 967-0101


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